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Teaching Science Through the Grades eBook

Title:      Teaching Science Through the Grades eBook
Categories:      eBooks, High School, Middle School, Elementary School, About Anthroposophy, Biology, Science, Astronomy, Physics, Life Sciences, Chemistry, General Waldorf Curriculum
BookID:      851
Authors:      David Mitchell, Editor
ISBN-10(13):      none
Publisher:      Waldorf Publications
Publication date:      5-1-2007
Number of pages:      97
Language:      English
Rating:      0 
Picture:      cover
Ebook:      Download ebook1.pdf

This Waldorf Journal Project is a translation of important themes and articles on Waldorf education from foreign journals: A Study of the Element “Water’ by Christian Smit; Water as the Medium for Life by Jergen Smit; Goethe's Theory of Color by Terger Holtsmark; Zoology and Mythology by Jens Bjerneboe; Chemistry in Grades Seven to Nine by Jan Haakonson; Astronomy: The Oft-Forgotten School Subject by Sven Bohn; The Starry Heavens and Our Self by Jergen Smit; Teaching Biology in a Human Context by Graham Kennish; Aesthetic Knowledge as Source for the Main Lesson by Peter Guttenhefer; Adolescents-Their Relationship to the Night and the Senses in Connection with Own Development by Peter Glasby; and Thoughts on Information and Communication Technology by Florian Oswald.

Available in print format from Waldorf Publications

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