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Art and Anthroposophy: Classics from the Journal for Anthroposophy

Title:      Art and Anthroposophy: Classics from the Journal for Anthroposophy
Categories:      Art Studies
BookID:      438
ISBN-10(13):      00218235
Publisher:      Anthroposophical Society in America
Publication date:      2010
Number of pages:      160
Language:      English
Rating:      0 
Picture:      cover

Michaelmas 2010, Number 83

Perhaps no word appears more frequently in Rudolf Steiner’s work than “art.” He uses this term in a universal form, transforming the semantics of visual and performing arts. Steiner urges that teaching, for example, must become an artistic activity. In his rendering, a biography in its rhythms, characteristics, colors, decisions, changes, as well as low and high points, takes on artistic features.

Fifteen articles from the Journal for Anthroposophy each detailing the insights and contributions made by Rudolf Steiner and other anthroposophists to art.

Included are:
Art and Anthroposophy by Hand-Joachin Mattke
A Painter's Conversation with Rudolf Steiner by Margarita Woloschin
My Way to Anthroposophy by Bruno Walter
Cave Painting and the Mysteries of Prehistoric Art by Van James
by Johann Kaspar Lavater
Imagination, Creativity and Artistic Freedom by Dennis Klocek
An Introduction to the Watercolor Art of Gerard Wagner
Lazure Painting: A New Breath of Color by Robert Logsdon
Marc Chagall-Gardens Are in Bloom in Me by Diether Rudloff
The Survival of Architecture by Rex Raab
Joseph Beuys- The Protest Against Materialism's Deformed Image of Man by     Diether Rudloff
Occultism in Avan-Garde Art; The Case of Joseph Beuys by David Adams
Beppe Assenza by Arthur Zajonc

Available from the Anthroposophical Society in America


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