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The Spiritual Ground of Education - eBook

Title:      The Spiritual Ground of Education - eBook
Categories:      eBooks, Middle School, Elementary School, About Anthroposophy, About Rudolf Steiner, Inner Life of the Teacher, Child Development, General Waldorf Curriculum, General Waldorf Education
BookID:      457
Authors:      Rudolf Steiner
ISBN-10(13):      9780880105132
Publisher:      Steiner Books
Publication date:      1-1-2004
Edition:      revised, 2019
Number of pages:      150
Language:      English
Rating:      0 
Picture:      cover
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Foundations of Waldorf Education series, vol. 15 - 9 Lectures, Manchester College, Oxford, 1922 (GA 305)

These lectures follow from those presented in Soul Economy. Given during a conference on spiritual values in education and life and attended by many prominent people of the time, Steiner’s Oxford lectures present the principles of Waldorf education at the highest cultural level. The Manchester Guardian reported:

“Dr. Steiner’s lectures ... brought to us in a very vivid way an ideal of humanity in education. He spoke to us about teachers who, freely and unitedly, unrestricted by external prescription, develop their educational methods exclusively out of a thorough knowledge of human nature. He spoke to us about a kind of knowledge needed by the teacher, a knowledge of the being of man and the world, which is at the same time scientific and also penetrates into the most intimate inner life, which is intuitive and artistic.”

Long out of print, these lectures are among the best introductions to Waldorf education.

Introduction by Christopher Bamford
The Spiritual Ground of Education
The Perception of Soul and Spirit
The Spiritual Ground of Physical Education
The Art of Educating Young Children
The Art of Educating Older Boys and Girls
Teachers As Artists in Education
The Organization of the Waldorf School
Moral Teaching & Eurythmy in the Waldorf School
Teachers in the Waldorf School

Available as an eBook and in print from Steiner Books

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