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Drawing and Painting in Rudolf Steiner Schools

Title:      Drawing and Painting in Rudolf Steiner Schools
Categories:      Art Studies
BookID:      114
Authors:      Margrit Junemann, Fritz Weitmann
ISBN-10(13):      1869890418
Publisher:      Hawthorn Press
Publication date:      2007
Number of pages:      206
Language:      English
Rating:      0 
Picture:      cover

Drawing and Painting in Rudolf Steiner Schools shows how artistic and intellectual activities are fully integrated in such a way that children are led through their many fascinating and challenging stages on their voyage to becoming adults. It combines detailed, practical advice along with clearly defined philosophy on aesthetic education.

The authors provide a detailed overview of the Waldorf school teaching plan and art curriculum and aspects of art—with an emphasis on color—that Rudolf Steiner discussed in his lectures, notes, and demonstrations. The authors also discuss early education and how young children develop observation through the use of fairy tales and legends, and outline lessons for elementary classes, and discussions of principles and various suggestions are given for the secondary classes. The book also shows how the upper classes help young people develop an artistic approach to nature, the soul, and portraits.

Drawing and Painting in Rudolf Steiner Schools is divided into three parts:

1.“The Basic Principles of Painting from the First to the Eighth Class” by Margrit Jünemann“
2. Lessons in Making Things that are both Practical and Artistic in Classes Nine to Twelve” by Fritz Weitmann
3. “Rudolf Steiner’s Recommendations Regarding a New Kind of Art Education” by Fritz Weitmann

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