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A Waldorf Approach to Coaching Team Sports

Title:      A Waldorf Approach to Coaching Team Sports
Categories:      High School, Twelfth, Eleventh, Tenth, Ninth, Athletics and sports, Movement
BookID:      148
Authors:      Dean Stark
ISBN-10(13):      094580346X
Publisher:      Rudolf Steiner College Press
Publication date:      1999
Edition:      1st
Number of pages:      110
Language:      English
Rating:      0 
Picture:      cover

A Waldorf Approach to Coaching Team Sports deals passionately with human striving for excellence carried in a noble spirit. Dean Stark speaks of the great importance in the teen years of having positive role models and of being challenged to develop commitment to high ideals. The first edition, titled Coaching Team Sports in a Waldorf School, met with enthusiastic response, and requests for more information, which is provided in this revised and expanded version. Parents and teachers, as well as coaches, will find a wealth of practical information and an antidote to the cynicism of our time.

Contents: Competition in a Waldorf School; Winning and Losing; Competition at What Age? How Early is Too Early? The Role of a Coach; On the Sidelines: Practice, Pre-game, and Games; A Coach's List; The Virtues of Sport; Athletes and Parents Speak; How to Build a Program; A View from Other Waldorf Schools; The Action Plan: Putting it All Together

Sport has taken on a life of its own. Dean Stark's book is the story of one coach's journey to breathe the person back into the game. This person-centered approach is vital-or you're just making sport of somebody.
Jaimen McMillan, Director of the Spacial Dynamics Institute

Dean Stark has coached high school baseball and basketball for over twenty years at Sacramento Waldorf School in California.

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