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Meeting the Needs of the Child Today -eBook

Title:      Meeting the Needs of the Child Today -eBook
Categories:      eBooks, Kindergarten, PreSchool, Birth to PreSchool, Play, About Anthroposophy, Health, Early Childhood, Parenting, Speech, Research, Nutrition, Inner Life of the Teacher, Social Skills, Movement, Evaluation/Assessment, Child Development, General Waldorf Education
BookID:      405
Authors:      Editor, Nancy Blanning
ISBN-10(13):      978981615950
Publisher:      Waldorf Early Childhood Association
Publication date:      1-1-2009
Number of pages:      47
Language:      English
Rating:      0 
Picture:      cover
Ebook:      Download ebook1.pdf

From the 2008 International Waldorf Early Childhood Conference in New Hampshire

Lectures by Michaela Glöckler, Johanna Steegmans and Renate Long-Breipohl.
Leading from the archetypal roots of Waldorf education in the unfolding consciousness and sensory development of the child, to the need for conscious self-development in the educator supported by the mighty cosmic images of the Zodiac, these thoughts are offered to a wider audience in the hopes that they will “encourage those who are striving valiantly to love, protect, and educate young children” (from the Foreword by Nancy Blanning, Editor).


The Archetypal Roots of Waldorf Education - Michaela Glöckler
The Developing Child: Lecture One - Johanna Steegmans - the senses
The Developing Child: Lecture Two - Johanna Steegmans - media, uprightness
The Developing Adult: Lecture One - Renate Long-Breipohl - soul experience of the zodiac
The Developing Adult: Lecture Two - Renate Long-Breipohl - soul experience of the zodiac continued
Biographical Notes on the Lecturers


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