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Waldorf Journal Project 5: How Meaningful Is Homework?

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“People often complain that the Waldorf school is quite stingy when it comes to homework. There are good reasons for this. An education that strives to remain true to the realities of life cannot afford to focus itself on abstractions, even those that are common in the mainstream. It has to take into account everything that is at work in human development. That means, more than anything else, that we cannot be loading down our children with homework. Homework is often a hidden cause of poor digestion. These things may only show themselves later in life, but they are nonetheless present.”1 This statement, which Rudolf Steiner made in a talk to doctors, is something I stumbled across a number of years ago. Since then I have paid more attention to the question of homework. How meaningful is it? What forms should it take? How should it evolve during the course of a child’s development?

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