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Waldorf Journal Project

Waldorf Journal Project #19

Technology (entire issue in one file)

Rudolf Steiner and Technology by Rudolf Steiner
A Few Quotes on Technology
by Rudolf Steiner
Education for Adolescents by Rudolf Steiner
On the Philosophy of Freedom by Lorenzo Ravagli
On Freedom by Henning Köhler
Human Capital – Commercial Value or Creative Potential? by Henning Köhler
An Information and Communication Technology Curriculum for Steiner/Waldorf Schools by William Steffen
“Building Inner Fire” Independent Working and Learning: Teaching through Projects by Sibylla Hesse
I Question, Therefore I Am by Henning Köhler
Technology and the Celebration of Work as Developed in Waldorf Education by David Mitchell
Will-Developed Intelligence: Craft and Movement Gesture in Education by Bernard Graves for The Hiram Trust
Praise for Authority by Henning Köhler
What Does Term Extension [for Atomic Power Plants] Have to Do with Our Children? by Henning Köhler
Helping Adolescents Improve Their Memory by Albert Schmelzer
When a Child Has Problems, It’s Not Always the Parents’ Fault by Henning Köhler
Education Through Experience – Experienced Education by Dietrich Esterl
Panacea: The Magic Remedy for a Contemporary Education by Johannes Kiersch

Waldorf Journal Project #18

Observing the Class Observing the Children (entire issue in one file)

The Art of Observing Children by Christof Wiechert
What Does a Good Child Observation Entail? by Klaus Hadamovsky
What Is a Child Observation? [Child Study] by Anna Seydel
Different Children – Changed Childhood by Armin Krenz
Born as an Original – Died as a Copy by Henning Köhler
Love Melts Away Fear by Henning Köhler
The Secret of Children’s Drawings by Armin Krenz
Normal Is the Difference: Maxims for Successful Integration by Henning Köhler
Anything but Children’s Play: What Play in School Means for Learning by Irene Jung
Love Enables Knowledge by Lorenzo Ravagli
Methods before the Age of Nine by Ted Warren
What Was That? Forgetting and Remembering by Albert Schmelzer
Brought to School by the Police? by Henning Köhler
Elemental Beings Are Real for Many Children - Conversation with Katharina Dreher-Thiel
Laughing with the Ninth Graders – Humor in the Main Lesson by Florian Heinzmann

Waldorf Journal Project #17

From Images to Thinking (entire issue in one file)

Foreword by David Mitchell, Editor
Children Learn in Images by Rosemary Wermbter
The Fairy Tale of the Crystal Ball by Christianne Brown
Interpreting Fairy Tales by Rudolf Steiner
How to Create, Tell and Recall a Story by Rudolf Steiner
The Secret of Children's Pictures by Armin Krenz
Research into Resilience by Christof Wiechert
Resilient Children: First Food or Fast Food by Katherine Train
Why Waldorf Works: From a Neuroscientific Perspective by Regalena Melrose, M.D.
The Senses by Eileen M. Hutchins
The Training of Observation by Eileen M. Hutchins
Observation and Thinking by Eileen M. Hutchins
The Activity of Thinking by Eileen M. Hutchins
An Education for Our Time by Christof Wiechert
A Bold Step Forward by Andreas Neider
Internet Crutch by Mathais Maurer

Waldorf Journal Project #16

Classroom Considerations (all articles in one file)

The Role of Mythology in Education by Jorgen Smit
Thinking and Willing in Mythological Form by Jorgen Smit
A Little Introduction to Grammar by Jorgen Smit
Subject, Predicate and Object in Grammar by Jorgen Smit
The Past, Present and Future by Jorgen Smit
The Child's Word Sense and Thinking Sense by Jorgen Smit
Picture and Concept by Jorgen Smit
Remembering and Imagining by Jorgen Smit
The Youth of Our Day by Jorgen Smit

Waldorf Journal Project #15

Michaelmas (all articles in one large file)

Michaelmas and the Soul Forces of the Human Being by Rudolf Steiner
The Activity of Michael and the Future of Humanity by Rudolf Steiner
The Michael-Christ Experience of Humankind by Rudolf Steiner
The Work of Michael by Dr. Ita Wegman, MD
Why Do Waldorf Schools Celebrate Michaelmas? by David Mitchell
Working with the Festivals Through the Twelve Senses by David Mitchell
The Deeds of Michael: A Collection of Tales and Legends from Around the World
Feast of St. Michael (from the Golden Legend); Michael Legends (from a speech by Pico Della Mirandola); Gothic Hymn unto the Archangel Michael (from the Greek); Michael (Greek Hymn from the Middle Ages);
Michael in the Ancient Orient
Michael as Indra (from the Rigveda); The Bhagadvad-Gita as a Reflection of Michael's Battle in Heaven; Michael as Mithra (from the Avesta); Mithras, Revealing the Sacred Names (from a Mithras Liturgy); Michael as Marduk
Michael According to the Conceptions of the Hebrew People
Creation of Adam; Michael as Guardian of the World; Michael Tests Moses' Willingness to Sacrifice; Michael, Savior of Isaac; Moses' Death; The Four Winds; The Rainbow; The Bowl of the World; The Book of the Seventy-Two Signs; Michael Guardian of Paradise
Michael and the Mystery of Golgotha
Golgotha (Russian Legend); Michael and the Risen One (from Rejentime Easter Play, 15th Century)
Michael According to Manichean Conceptions
Michael and the Evil (Ancient Bulgarian Legend); Michael and the Doubter (German Legend)
Legends Concerning Michael's Workings in Places Consecrated to Him
Michael's Sanctuary in Chonae (from the Greek); The Sanctuary of Michael on Mount Gargano (Latin Legend); Mont Saint-Michel (French Legend); Mont Saint-Michel (Chronicle of the City of Speyer)
Michael as Healer
The Leper Jew; The Unfulfilled Vow; The Blind Man; The Posessed
Worship of Michael from the Time of Charlemagne to the 10th Century
Sequence on St. Michael Dedicated to Emperor Charlemange (Latin Hymn from the Middle Ages); The Dragon of Ireland (French Legend)
Michael's Transition from Legend to the History of the Fading Middle Ages
Michael as Friend of Mankind (Icelandic Legend); Michael Leads the Army of Barbarossa (German Legend); To St. Michael (Latin Hymn, Middle Ages, 11th Century); How Henry II Beheld Michael on Monte Gargano and How He Was Touched and Lamed by Him (German ); Prayer (from Old Norway, circa 1300); The Death of Elizabeth of Thuringa (German Legend); Lucifer's Crown( from "Singers' Contest of Warburg, " 13th Century); The Vision of Jeanne d'Arc (Account of Jeanne d'Arc's Deposition); Michael, the Angel, Speaketh
Michael in the European East
St. Michael on the Crescent Moon (After a Polish Legend); Of Michael, the Archangel (from the Russian)
Michael According to the Conceptions of Simple Folk
Why the Sole of Man's Foot is not Even; Miner's Song (from Bohemia); The Devils Scythe (French Legend); What the Peasants of Normandy Tell about Michael
Michael's Cosmic Activity
The Twelfth Chapter of the Revelation of St. John; Concerning the Iron in the Kalewala and the Spiritual Forge in the North
Spanish Michael Legend
The Legend of Mont Saint-Michel
(Guy de Maupassant)

Waldorf Journal Project #14

Darwin and More (all articles in one file)

Forward by David Mitchell
What Makes Human Beings Human? by Wolfgang Schad
Darwin's Incomplete Knowledge of Death by Wolfgang Schad
Darwin Suffered from Darwinism by Wolfgang Schad
Body Movements are Invisible Thinking, Mathematical Thinking is Inner Movement by Erik Marstrander
What is Goetheanism? by Trond Skaftnesmo
The Hippopotamus and the Eagle by Trond Skaftnesmo
Close Contact with the Earth: Necessary Experiences that Provide a Basis for Lessons in Natural Sciences - An Interview with Linda Jolly by Eli Tronsmo
Physics Lessons that Start with the Human Being by Geir Oyen
The Power of Observation in Literature Lessons by Tom Horn
Insight into Human Nature as a Basis for Waldorf Education: Anthroposophy and Modern Brain Research by Helge Godager
Think Globally and Act Locally: The Ecology Practicum in the 11th Grade by Holger Bauman
Music: An Endangered by Magne Skrede
Performing Arts versus Degraded Speech by Magne Skrede
From Crisis to Cooperation by Sylvia Fuehrer
Productivity and Receptiveness - How Do We Work Together on the School Organism? by Karl-Martin Dietz

Waldorf Journal Project #13

Educating the Will (all articles in one file)

Foreward by Editor: David Mitchell
Awakening the Spirit Powers of the Head: Educating the Will by Christof Wiechert
Wake up Your Headspirit: At Eye Level by by Tobias Richter
Awaken the Spirit of the Head: Pyramids and Stars by by James Pewtherer
Man's Will is His Kingdom of Heaven by by Hartwig Schiller
Artistic Activity - Individual Resonance - New Paths by Claus-Peter Roh
Bringing the Will into Thinking in Adolescence by Betty Staley
Learning is a Royal Path to Freedom by Hartwig Schiller
Rhythm is a Source of Regeneration by by Dirk Cysarz
Art: Awakener of Consciousness, Humanizer for Society by Van James
The Push for Early Childhood Literacy: A View from Europe by Christopher Clouder
Childhood Falls Silent by Dr. Rainer Patzlaff
Painting and the Child by by Caroline von Heydebrand

Waldorf Journal Project #12

Research into Childhood (all articles in one file)

Foreward by David Mitchell
Rhythm and the Learning Process by Dirk Cysarz
Novel Methods of Researching Learning by Gunter Haffelder
The Advantage and Disadvantage of Brain Research for Pedagogy by Christian Rittelmeyer
The Symphony of Life Importance, Interaction, and Visualizing of Biological Rhythms by Maximilian Moser
Observations on Neurological Development by Compiled by David Mitchell
Seven "Myths" about the Social Participation of Waldorf Graduates by Wanda Ribeiro and Juan Pablo de Jesus Pereira
Study of Waldorf Graduates in Denmark by Troels Hansen

Waldorf Journal Project #11

Morality and Ethics in Education #2 (all articles in one file)

Forces Leading to Health and Illness in Education by Rudolf Steiner
Transformative Education and the Right to an Inviolate Childhood by Christopher Clouder
The Human Self by Karl Brodersen
The Free and Human Self by Ted Warren
Recapitulation (Recall) in the High School Main Lesson by Ken Power
The Odyssey of Conscience by Henning Andersen, Reviewed by Oddvar Granly
War and Peace and Moral Imagination by Oscar Borgman Hansen
The Power of Moral Education- Geography by Christof Goepfer
Ethics and the Perspective on Nature by Oscar Borgman Hansen
The Being of the Internet by Sergei Prokofieff

Waldorf Journal Project #10

Morality and Ethics in Education #1 (all articles in one file)

Education and the Moral Life by Rudolf Steiner
Education of the Will as the Wellspring of Morality by Michaela Glockler
Human Development and the Forces of Morality by Ernst-Michael Kranich
Conscience and Morality by Karl Brodersen
The West and East in Us by Jorgen Smit
Reincarnation and Pedagogy by Valentin Wember
Moral Imagination by Oscar Borgman Hansen
The Christmas Mystery and the Knowledge of Evil by Hermann Popplebaum
Evil and the Well-Intended by Oscar Borgman Hansen
Crafts and Morality by Dr. Thomas Weihs