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Golden Blade

The Golden Blade was published from 1949 to 2009.

Anthroposophy springs from the work and teaching of Rudolf Steiner (1861—1925). He described it as "a path of knowledge, to guide the spiritual in the human being to the spiritual in the universe. The aim of this Annual is to bring the outlook of Anthroposophy to bear on questions and activities of evident relevance to the present, in a way which may have lasting value. It was founded in 1949 by Charles Davy and Arnold Freeman, who were its first editors, and
owes much to the twenty-three years of editorial guidance of Adam Bittleston.

The Golden Blade

Issue 1949
The Threshold of Nature and Man by Rudolf Steiner
Tendencies to a Threefold Social Order in English History by A.C. Harwood
Are There too Many People in the World?  by E. Pfeiffer
Two Poems by H.E. Brading
The Goethe Bicentenary:
   Goethe and the Twentieth Century by Owen Barfield
   Goethe and Biology: An Unpaid Debt  by H. Poppelbaum
   Goethe's "Light and Darkness" and the Science of the Future by George Adams
A Poet and a Painter by Albert Steffen
Darwinism and Dreams by Arnold Freeman
Lazarus by Adam Bittleston
What is a Healthy Society? by Charles Waterman

Issue 1950

Spiritual Knowledge: A Way of Life by Rudolf Steiner
Mountain and City: A Study of the Images in "The Merchant of Venice by A.C. Harwood
The Experience of Birth and Death in Childhood by Karl König, M.D.
Plant Growth and the Forms of Space by George Adams
What is a Farm? by C.A, Mier
Poems by Owen Barfield and H.E. Brading
The Spiritual Geography of Palestine by Emil Bock
The Third Way in Architecture by Kenneth Bayes
On the Threshold: A Study in Mental Illness by T. Gladstone
Meditation and Time by Adam Bittleston
Between Sea and Land by E.L. Grant Watson

Issue 1951
The Cosmic Word and Individual Man by Rudolf Steiner
The Heavenly Hierarchies by Adam Bittleston
Etheric Forces by Lawrence Edwards and Charles Waterman
Evolution and Creation by E.L. Grant Watson
On Being an American by Virginia Moore
Soloviev: A Seeker of Sophia by Violet Plincke
Form in Art and Society by Owen Barfield
A Fair Reward for Work by Brian Stockwell
The Chess-Gazing Boy by Charles Waterman
Poems by H.E. Brading, Isabel Wyatt and Andrew Keith

Issue 1952
The Coming Experience of Christ by Rudolf Steiner
Heaven and Ascension by Emil Bock
The Youth of Rudolf Steiner by Adam Bittleston
Meditations on Endocrine Glands by Karl König
Calleva Atrebatum by H.E. Brading
Rudolf Steiner and the Theatre by Arnold Freeman
T.S. Eliot and the Threshold by Ruth Hofrichter
An Outside View of Anthroposophy by E.L. Grant Wilson
The Evolution of Music by John Davey

Issue 1953
From Philosophy to Anthroposophy by Rudolf Steiner
The Threefold Structure of the World by George Adams
Fantasia on Three Voices by A.C. Harwood
   Second Sight by Sylvia Eckersley
   Russet-Coated Captain by H.E. Brading
Michael and St. George by Isabel Wyatt
"Going Through the Mill" by Maurice Wood
Bulwer-Lytton: A Study by Otto Palmer
Shropshire Myth and Legend by George Trevelyan
The Feast of Torr by John Bolsover

Issue 1954
Spiritual Emptiness and Social Life by Rudolf Steiner
How Old is the Earth by G.Wachsmuth
The Writing of the Gospels by Adam Bittleston
Michael and St. George by Isabel Wyatt
Lament for the Makers by H.E. Brading
The Art of Eurythmy by Owen Barfield
What is the Meaning of the EEG? by Karl König, M.D.
The Siege of the Senses by Michael Wilson
Two Poems by Sylvia Eckersley
Rilke's Way by R. Lissau
The Wind in the Tree by E.L. Grant Wilson
Rudolf Steiner's Letters ( Volume 2) by Owen Barfield

Issue 1955
Evil and the Future of Man, A lecture given in Dornach, October 26, 1918, by Rudolf Steiner
Christopher Fry and the Riddle of Evil by Adam Bittleston
Cosmic Rhythms and Their Healing Power by Ernst Lehrs
Samuel Hahnemann by Karl König, M.D.
Early Memories of Rudolf Steiner by Ita Wegman
Ita Wegman by M.J.Kruck v. Poturzyn
Martingale Brasses by H.E. Brading
The Art of the Caves and its Meaning by Richard Kroth
The Time-Philosophy of Rudolf Steiner by Owen Barfield
The Bearers by Joy Mansfield
Book Reviews:
Percept Without Concept - The Doors of Perception by Aldous Huxley reviewed by Michael Wilson
Spiritual Healing, A Doctor Heals by Faith by Christopher Woodard reviewed by Kalmia Bittleston

Issue 1956
The Occult Basis of Music by Rudolf Steiner
A Musical Pilgrimage by Ferdinand Rauter
Evolution: The Hidden Thread by John Waterman
The Ravenna Mosaics by A.W. Mann
Barbara Hepworth's Sculpture by David Lewis
Art and Science in the 20th Century by George Adams
The Two Faces of Modern Art by Richard Kroth
Reforming the Calendar by Walter Bühler
Dramatic Poetry and a Cosmic Setting by Roy Walker
The Weather in 1066 by Isabel Wyatt
An Irish Yew by E.L.G.W.
Christmas by the Sea by Joy Mansfield
Book Reviews by Alfred Heidenreich, Adam Bittleston
Poems by Sylvia Eckersley and Alida Carey Gulick and H.L. Hetherington

Issue 1957
The World Ash: Yggdrasil by Rudolf Steiner
Ancient European Clairvoyance by Rudolf Steiner
Mithras and Christianity by A.C. Harwood
Physical and Etheric Energies by E. Pfeiffer
After Einstein's Death by E. Lehrs
Epochs of Evolution by John Waterman
Dante's Exile by Paolo Gentilli
The Future of the English Language by Adam Bittleston
Perceiving, Thinking and Knowing by Peter Carpenter
Good Friday by Joy Mansfield
Poems by Sylvia Eckersley and Arnold Freeman
Book Reviews by Owen Barfield and Fried Geuter

Issue 1958
Rudolf Steiner . . . Recollections by Some of his Pupils
Rudolf Steiner in England by George Adams
Religious Renewal by Emil Bock
Experience in the Realm of Dramatic Art by Gottfried Haass-Berkbow
Birth of the Waldorf School from the Threefold Social Movement by Herbert Hahn
Widening the Art of Healing by Grete Kirchner-Bockholt
The Rising Generation by Ernst Lehrs
One of the Young Doctors by Kurt Magerstädt
The Beginning of Eurythmy by Lory Maīer-Smits
New Directions in Agriculture by Ehrenfried E. Pfeiffer
Rudolf Steiner as Personal Teacher by Maria Röscht-Lehrs
At the Waldorf School by Karin Ruths-Hoffman
The Birth of Curative Education by Albrecht Strohschein
The Last Years by Guenther Wachsmuth
Rudolf Steiner in Holland by F.W. Zeylmans van Emmichoven

Issue 1959
Technology and Art by Rudolf Steiner
Recollections of Rudolf Steiner by Alfred Heidenreich, Violet Plincke and others
That Confounded Child by A.C. Harwood
Human Individuality by Adam Bittleston
Darwinism and the Archetypes by John Waterman
Scientific Thinking by H.Heitler
Hidden Forces in Mechanics by George Adams
Tobias and the Consciousness Soul by Isabel Wyatt
Speaking to the "Hollow Men" by Herbert Hillringhaus
Walter Johannes Stein by Herbert Hahn and Alfred Lewis
Review of Books by A.C. Harwood, Canon A.P. Shepherd, Arnold Freeman and the late Russell Davenport

Issue 1960
Supersensible Experiences by Rudolf Steiner
Earth Evolution in the Future by Rudolf Steiner
The Trinity in Man and Nature by Canon A.P. Shepherd
The East-West Deadlock by Ralph Courtney
Phoenix by Maurice Wood
What is History About? A.C. Harwood
Reflective and Creative Thinking by Michael Wilson
Human Movement by Olive Whicher
The Hibernian Mysteries and "Zanoni" by John Muller
The Sickness of Johannes by Adam Bittleston
Mr. Koestler and the Astronomers by Owen Barfield

Issue 1961
The Centenary Year by A.C. Harwood
Anthroposophy among the Sciences by Rudolf Steiner
Anthroposophy and the Visual Arts by Rudolf Steiner
Anthroposophy and Religion by Alfred Heidenreich
America: Land of the Apocalypse by L. Francis Edmunds
Jack the Giant Killer by Isabel Wyatt
The Search for Felix by Emil Bock
In Memoriam: Emil Bock by Alfred Heidenreich
Equity Between Man and Man by Owen Barfield
Questions and Answers
Book Reviews

Issue 1962
Boundaries of Natural Science by Rudolf Steiner
Paths to the Spirit by Rudolf Steiner
Translating the Gospels by Adam Bittleston
Bacon and Modern Science by John Waterman
The Heritage of Man by Violet Plincke
Moving Through Human Life by Olive Whicher
Subud at First-Hand by Katharine Trevelyan
Studies of Threefold Man by C.D.
Feast of All Souls by Isabel Wyatt
Questions and Answers
Book Reviews

Issue 1963
Evil and the Powers of Thought by Rudolf Steiner
Seeds of Future Worlds by Rudolf Steiner
The Council of 869 A.D. by A.P. Shepherd
Water's Forming Forces by Olive Whicher
Human Relationships in a Divided World by Adam Bittleston
Goddess into Saint and The Bird on the Harp by Isabel Wyatt
Thinking about Knowing by Alan Howard
The Work of Alice Bailey: 1880-1949 by Frances Banks
Book Reviews

Issue 1964
Faith, Love, Hope:1 by Rudolf Steiner
George Adams: His Life and Work by Olive Whicher
Science and the Threshold by John Waterman
The Lord's Prayer by Adam Bittleston
Religion in the Round by Kenneth Bayes
Emerson and Rudolf Steiner by Virginia Moore
Knowing and Thinking by Alan Howartd
Book Reviews

Issue 1965
The Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowledge by Rudolf Steiner
The Foundation Stone and World History by A.C. Harwood
Rudolf Steiner and the Dead by Kalmia Bittleston
The Destiny of the Idea of Destiny by Friedrich Hiebel
Alchemilla and the Alchemists by F.H. Julius
Movement, Form and Feeling in Plastic Art by Emily Crockart
Weekdays and Worlds by Adam Bittleston
The Essence and Meaning of Numbers by Bernard Nesfield Cookson
Some Turning Points in Human History by Sigmund von Gleich
A Generation Ahead by R.G. Seddon
His Forest by Katharine Trevelyan
Poems by Sylvia Eckersley an Jay Mansfield
Book Reviews

Issue 1966
Autobiographical Sketch by Rudolf Steiner
The Personality of Rudolf Steiner and His Development by Edouard Schuré
The Spiritual Individualities of the Planets by Rudolf Steiner
The Stars at the Time of the Mysteries of Golgotha by Adam Bittleston
On "Mechanical Occultism" by Georg Unger
Potentization and the Peripheral Forces of Nature by George Adams
The Dynamics of Nutrition by Grange Kirkcaldy
The Grail Stories and their Interpreters by John M. Wood
Communion, Community and Communism by A.G. Brice
Drugs and Consciousness by Daniel Bittleston
Anthroposophy and the Writer: A Symposium by Joy Mansfield
Poems by E.L.Grant Wilson and other

Issue 1967
Conscience and Astonishment by Rudolf Steiner
Ephesus and the Castle of the Grail by Emil Bock
Poetry and Knowledge in an Age of Science by John Davy
Words are Death and Resurrection by John Turner
Shakespeare's Troubled Knights by Adam Bittleston
Personal Memories of Dr. Karl König by Berta König, Tilla König and A.N.
Dolphins, Children of the Sea by Karl König
Incomes Policy and Personal Fulfillment by Gerald Rowe
The Protestant by Gertrude M. Ward
Book Reviews:
The Nature of Substance; Occult Science and Occult Development: Christ at the Time of the Mysteries of Golgotha and Christ in the Twentieth Century, two lectures given by Rudolf Steiner; Spiritual Knowledge: The Reality and the Shadow

Issue 1968
Nervous Conditions of Our Times by Rudolf Steiner
The Meaning of Initiation by A.C. Harwood
Science and Human Rights by John Davy
Where is Fancy Bred? by Owen Barfield
The Dove as a Sacred Bird by Karl König
The Dews of Memory by Isabel Wyatt
St Paul by Arnold Freeman
Spiritual Science and Mysticism by Alan Howard
The Grand Illusion by Stanley Messenger
Traffic and Character by Adam Bittleston
Book Reviews:
Nutrition; Animals in Splendor; Human and Cosmic Thought; Marie Steiner von Sivers

Issue 1969
The Great Virtues by Rudolf Steiner
The Threefold Sun by Elizabeth Vreede
From a Notebook of 1924 by Rudolf Steiner
Oracles by A.C. Harwood
An Interchange of Letters
The Woodward of Broceliande by Isabel Wyatt
Violet Plincke by Anne M. Gray
What is "Living Water" by Theodor Schwenk
Man, the Creation of Cosmic Powers by Ita Wegman
Thoughts on Heart Transplants by B.C.J,Lievegoed
Reincarnation in Clinical Practice by Arthur Guirdham
Book Reviews:
Recent Publications of Rudolf Steiner's Works; Personal Letters; The Christian Year; A New Impulse in Art; Moon and Planet

Issue 1970

The Ear by Rudolf Steiner
A Student with Rudolf Steiner by Heinz Müller
The Disappearing Trick by Owen Barfield
Biography and Behaviour by John Davy
Mistletoe Therapy for Cancer by Dietrich Boie
Age and Destiny by Adam Bittleston
Beethoven's Two Worlds by Charles Waterman
The Situation of Universities in France by Colette Courtais
The Mentally Handicapped in our midst by Norman Davidson
Book Reviews:
William Blake, Painter, Poet, Visionary; The William Blake Trust Facsimiles; Russia, Past, Present and Future; Stave Churches of Norway

Issue 1971
The Earth as Being with Life, Soul and Spirit by Rudolf Steiner
Wisdom and the Life of the Earth by John Davy
Can Farming Save European Civilization? by Rolf Gardiner
Animal Welfare in Britain by Peter Henry Reeve
East Africa in a Changing World by John Soper
Verse by Owen Barfield
The Australian Continent by Robert Williams
The New Exodus by Crosbie Wilson
Helmut Vetter by Hermann Schilitz
A Note on Albrecht Dürer by Catherine de Bryne
First Memory by Maurice Branch
The Rejoicing Eye by Doris Dancy
North America Under a Light Sky by Marjorie Spock
Nature Spirits by F.H. Julius
Transformation of Light by Walther Bühler

Issue 1972
Man's Journey Through the Spheres by Rudolf Steiner
Johannes Kepler by Joachm Schultz
Kepler, Boehme and the Copernican Revolution by John Meeks
The Earth's Soul and the Planets by Johannes Kepler
St. Sebastian by Paul Matthews
Twelve Moods by Rudolf Steiner
Wittgenstein in Prison by Charles Davy
A Dutch Social Initiative by A.S. Bos
The Student and the System by Martin Large
Three Journey's by Cynthia Nicholson
The Message by E.L. Grant Watson
Judgement and Blessing by Adam Bittleston

Issue 1973
The Recovery of the Living Source of Speech by Rudolf Steiner
The Forming of destiny in Sleeping and Waking by Rudolf Steiner
Language and Discovery by Owen Barfield
Some Uses of Language in Modern Poetry by Paul Matthews
Eurythmy and the Word by Cecil Harwood
The Eurythmy Figures
Inner Language and Outer Language by John Davy
Aus "Wahrspruchworte" by Rudolf Steiner
Sayings from Various Times by Rudolf Steiner
Equality and Justice by Charles Davy
Speech in the Family by Adam Bittleston

Issue 1974
Comets and the Moon by Rudolf Steiner
Letters on Comets by Elisabeth Vreede
Initiation: Old and Modern by A.W. Mann
The Organic Society: Threefold Ideas in English Life by A.C. Harwood
Economics and Consciousness by Adam Bittleston
The White and Black Races by L.F.C. Mees
Curative Eurythmy by M. Kirchner-Bockholt
Search and Protest in Popular Songs by Joscelyn Godwin
Poems by Peter Gruffydd, Charles Austin and Allyn Moss

Issue 1975
The Twelve Senses and the Seven Life Processes by Rudolf Steiner
The Sense Organs and Aesthetic Experience by Rudolf Steiner
On Coming to Our Senses by John Davy
Evolution of Light, Darkness and Colour by Michael Wilson
Modern Theories of the Cosmos by Georg Unger
Nicholas Roerich by John Fletcher
Three Estranges Sisters by Charles Davy
The Grail Castle in the Brain by Margarethe Kirchner- Bockholt
Where is Music Going? by Jocelyn Godwin

Issue 1976
Editorial Notes: America 1976
Youth in an Age of Light by Rudolf Steiner
Soul, Spirit and Environment by Chris Day
Prayer and the Elemental Beings by Adam Bittleston
Michaelangelo: The Medici Tombs by Baruch Urieli
The African Way by Evelyn Capel
C.S. Lewis: Science Fiction and Theology by Charles Davy
Poems by Charles Austin, Sylvia Eckersley, Carol Coates and others

Issue 1977
A Modern Turning Point by Rudolf Steiner
Caspar Hauser and His Enemies by Peter Tradowsky
Archangels and Human History by J. Darrell
William the Silent by Eileen Hutchins
Studies in Successive Earth Lives by William Mann
St. Niklaus of Switzerland
Poems by Char;es Austin
Book Reviews: From Symptom to Reality- Rudolf Steiner's Work in the Arts - A Tribute to Owen Barfield

Issue 1978
Editorial Signs of the Times by Adam Bittleston
The Human Heart by Rudolf Steiner
Thoughts on the Future of England, Edited by Alastair Macdonald
English Landscape Painting by William Davie
The Garden of England by Stanley Drake
Meaning and the Human Soul by John Davy
Origen: Teacher of Freedom by Andrew Welburn
Poems by Charles Austin and Peter Gruffydd
Book Reviews: Apocalypse - Life and Work of George Adams - "Awake my Glory" - In Search of Ufos

Issue 1979
Editorial: A Hundred Years of the Michael Age by Adam Bittleston
Michael and the Dragon by Rudolf Steiner
Cosmic Rhythms and the Course of History by John Meeks
Why Reincarnation? by Owen Barfield
A World Split Apart by Alexander Solzhenitsyn
Out of the Darkness by H.L.Hetherington
The Being of the Arts by Rudolf Steiner
Blake's Readings in the Akasha by Andrew J. Welburn
Charles Davy by A.B.
Henry Ford, Objective Idealist by Jonathan Westphal
Michael's Song by Wilfrid Wilson Gibson
Democracy and Freedom by Brian Stockwell
Gold, Gems, Riddles and Spice by Isabel Wyatt
Reviews, Notes and Acknowledgements

Issue 1980
The Peoples of the Earth in Light of Anthroposophy by Rudolf Steiner
The Work of Michael, Past and Present by M.P. van Deventer
Must Man Remain Unknown? By Eugen Kolisko
Man and the Underworld by John Davy
Art for Whose Sake? by Charles Davy
Two Sonnets by Mallarmé
Notes on the Two Sonnets by David Paul
Reflections on Painting by Mary Clare
The Role of Thinking in Overcoming Psychological Problems by Fraser N. Watts
From Twenty-One to Forty-Two by Adam Bittleston
The Child Who had No Father related by Fred Briggs
The Australian Aborigines by Crosbie Wilson
Reviews, Notes and Acknowledgements

Issue 1981

Love by George Herbert
The Grail Mystery
The Decline of Greece and the Mysteries of the Holy Grail by Rudolf Steiner
The Fisher King by Chrétien de Troyes
A Note on Chretien de Troyes by Marie-Alice Cartwright
In Quest of the Holy Grail by Ursula Grahl
The Trials of Parsifal by Francis Edmunds
The Temple of the Grail by John and Doris Meeks
Grail Mountain and the Garden of Marvels by Hugh Hethington
Wolfram and Wagner by Jacob Streit
Counseling and Spiritual Development by Adam Bittleston
Twelve Sonnets
The Cosmic Man by Maurice Branch
A World in Crisis
A Consultation About the Future by Charles Davy
The Crisis in World Economy by Daniel T. Jones
Autistic Children by Lotte Sahlman
Television's Prisoners by Faith M.W. Hall

Issue 1982
West-East Aphorisms by Rudolf Steiner
Anthroposophy in the Eighties by Reijo Wilenius
Question of Russia
The Work of Man for the Earth by Vladimir Soloviev
About the Illustrations by John Fletcher
The Making of Icons by Vladimir Lindenberg
The Russian Folk Soul by Margarita Woloschin
A Pre-Revolutionary Childhood by Vladimir Lindenberg
Black Earth and Nightingales by Aletha Bridge
Leningrad and Washington by Konrad Oberhuber
Two Questions on World Economy by Daniel T. Jones
The Influence of the East
World Contrasts Between East and West by Heimo Rau
Bhagvagita and Western Man by Carol Fraser
The Great Green Eraser by Judith Hurley
Lights of the West
The Devil as Companion: Goethe and Shelley by Andrew Welburn
Emerson Speaks by Francis Edmunds
Wittgenstein by Johnathan Westphal

Issue 1983
The Mystery of the Human Soul
Editorial Notes by Adam Bittleston
Memory and Love by Rudolf Steiner
The Global Task of Anthroposophy by Wolfgang Schaad
The Work of Liane Collot d"Herbois by John Fletcher
Birth of the Human Soul by Mary Crawford
Plant-Mother by Jacob Streit
The Way Chose You by Heiti Brice
Love and Fidelity by Eileen Hutchins
Shakespeare's Work as Mirror of the Human Soul by Dawn Langman
Dramatic Tragedy and Christian Belief by Charles Davy
Four Poems by Charles Austin
The Devil as Companion by Andrew Welburn
Pneuma and Psyche by Stanley Drake
Philia, Astrid and Luna by Adam Bittleston

Issue 1984
Elemental Beings and Human Destinies by Rudolf Steiner
Work and Worklessness
The Meaning of Work by Marjo van Boeschoten
Work and Destiny by Peter Roth
A New Vocation: Eurythmy by Glenda Monasch
The Actor by Alan Poolman
What is a Research Worker? by Michael Wilson
A Dustman Speaks by Greg Richey
Tinker, Tailor, Banker, Teacher by William Forward
A Doctor's Approach by Jenny Josephson
The Satisfaction of Computer Programming by Gail Kahovic
I am a Plumber by Jon Humbertstone
A Cook's Delight by Wendy Cook
Counseling and Priesthood by Adam Bittleston
Japan and the West
Twenty-seven Kaiku translated by R.H. Blyth
Individuality and Community in Japan by Tomie Ando and Terry Boardman
Japan and the World Economy by Daniel T. Jones
Kotodama: The Speech Formation of Japan by Tadahiro Ohnuma
Notes of Japanese Painting by John Meeks
Messengers of the Light
Wellesley Tudor Pole by Charles Davy
Alan Cottrell's "Goethe's View of Evil" reviewed by Owen Barfield

Issue 1985
Evil and the Future of Man by Rudolf Steiner
The Resolve for the Earth by Friedrich Behrmann
Poems and a Prayer by Albert Steffen
The Encounter of Light and Darkness by Albert Steffen
(A Page of Memory; Inner Experiences of Light; Knowledge of the World: Precious Stones: The Baptistery in Florence; A Sketch)
Time Past and Time Future by Charles Davy
The Middle Realm of Man by Wolfgang Schad
Prison: A Dialogue by Yvonne Karsten and Tony Dunderfelt
Good and Evil Experienced Through the Waldorf Curriculum by Brien Masters
Reflections on the Return of Haley's Comet by John Meeks
J.S. Bach for New Voyagers by Cecil Cope
All I can Say about Common Sense by Greg Richey
Schumacher - by His Daughter by Charles Davy
Lifeways by Anke Cram

Issue 1986
The Rejoicing Eye Doris Davy
The Earth Seen by the Dead by Rudolf Steiner
The Mystery of Mary - In Body. Soul and Spirit by Emil Bock
The Blessed Virgin Compared to the Air we Breathe by Gerard Manley Hopkins
The Plight of Our Forests by Mark Riegner
Food, Famine, Misery and Hope by Daniel T. Jones
Ethiopia - Nightmare or Paradise by Tim Cahill-O'Brien
The British Countryside 1985-2050 by John Spence
The Daily Bread by Michael Spence
Karo Bergmann - Art as a Healing Force in our Times by Monika Hertrampf-Pickmann
"The Three Spheres of Society"- The History of a Pioneering Book by Charles Davy
Between the Poles by Charles Davy
Genesis by Josephine Spence

Issue 1987
Editorial Notes, Great Decisions Needed by Adam Bittleston
Changes in the Experiences of Breathing by Rudolf Steiner
From Nature to Sub-Nature by Rudolf Steiner
Raphael and the Clouds by Adam Bittleston
An Eye for the Sky by Ralph Brocklebank
The Wearer of Shapes by Arthur G. Zajonc
From the Life of Helmut Sieber - Awakening Through the Elements by Doris and John Meeks
Painting the Weather by Helmut Siber
Working in a Silver Foundry by Helmut Siber
One Day After Chernobyl by X.Y.
The Future of Civilisation by Nick Thomas
Nuclear Energy - Not an Earthly Paradise by Georg Maler
The Energy Crisis - as a Challenge by Daniel T, Jones
Speech and Breathing by Dawn Langman
The Bird and the Poem by Robin Cook
The Woodwind in Music by Julian Pook
Birds in Flight by Mark Riegner

Issue 1988
Editorial Notes: World Economy and the Brundtland Commission by Adam Bittleston
Stars of 1988 by John Meeks and Michael Brinch
The Cosmic Verses by Rudolf Steiner
The Spiritual Individualities of the Planets by Rudolf Steiner
The Planetary Movements in Eurythmy by Glenda Monasch
Greek Cosmology: An Old and New Science of Life by Markus Wulfing
Planets and Trees
Seven Trees and Sevn Planets by Johannes Hemleben
Sevan Planets - Seven woods: An Artist's Impressions by Gertraud Goodwin
To Nest Among the Trees by Mark Riegner
The Evolution of Trees: A Cosmological Approach by John Meeks
Form and Gesture in Tree Buds by Lawrence Edwards
The Tree Between Earth, Man and Cosmos by Iris Pfennig and Georg Wilhelm Schmidt
The Alchemical Tree and the Planetary Metals by John L.Lash
Artists in Speech and Color
Friedrich Rittlemeyer: As Forerunner of a Christianity of the Future by Adam Bittleston
Hermann Kirchner, Teacher and Artist by Sarah Wakefield
Book Reviews; The Weather paintings of Helmut Siber; Notes and Acknowledgements

Issue 1989
Editorial Notes -The Praise of Earth by Adam Bittleston
The Stars of 1989 by John Meeks and Michael Brinch
The Hymn of the Earth - from the Atharvaveda
What is the Earth in Reality within the Macrocosm? by Rudolf Steiner
David Newbatt - An Artist in Midstream by Carola Kindle
Three Great Ideals in our Time by Rudolf Steiner
The Light of the World by Owen Barfield
Technology and the Earth by Nick Thomas
Puppets Help in a Mixed-up World by Gisela Bittleston
Man and Nature in Different Cultures and Continents by Andreas Suchantke
The Many Faces of Water by Mark Riegner
The Powers of Sorrow by Georg Kühlewind
Book Reviews, Notes and Acknowledgements

Issue 1990
Adam Bittleston by William Forward
Editorial Notes by William Forward
Man, Offspring of the Stars by Rudolf Steiner
The Observation of the Stars as a Path to Freedom by John Meeks and Michael Brinch
The Life Between Death and Rebirth in the Light of Astrology by Elizabeth Vreede
The Bridge of the Green Snake by A. Bockemühl
Some Questions Concerning Rainer Maria Rilke by R. Lissau
The Tasks and Deeds in the Life of William Mann with Roswitha Spence
William Mann - The Teacher by Ted Roberts
Addiction as an Impulse Towards the Renewal of Culture by J. van der Haar
On the Destiny of the American Indian by Brian Gold
Book Reviews, Notes and Acknowledgements

Issue 1991
Editorial Notes by William Forward
Central Europe Between East and West by Rudolf Steiner
The Future of the Slavic Peoples of the East and the Spiritual Tasks of Central Europe by Sergei Prokofieff
The Heart and Lungs by Jenny Josephson
The Emergence of Europe by Charles Lawie
Why is it Important to Know the Soul and Spirit of a People? By Athys Floride
Central Europe beween East and West: Present Tasks by Manfred Schmidt-Brabant
In Memoriam: Adam Bittleston
Book Review, Notes and Acknowledgements

Issue 1992
Editorial Notes by W.F.
The Spiritual Contributions of the West by Virginia Sease
Characteristics of America that point to the Future
Language and Nationhood by William Forward
Peculiarities of English in its Global Context
Are we Detached? by Andrew Wolpert
How the Language of the Consiousness Soul serves the Ego
An Interfering Interest by Peter Tradowsky
A Shadow cast over Europe by the Occult Forces of the West
Breathing and Circulation by Jenny Josephson
Physiology and the Foundation Stone Meditation
First Aid at the Turn of the Century by Jenny Josephson
Three Meditations from 1914
Prometheus Unbound by Andrew Welburn
A Mystery Play for Our Time
Book Reviews, Notes and Acknowledgements

Issue 1993
Editorial Notes
Celebrating Columbus by Paul Law
Upheaval in Adolescence by William Forward
Centring the Teacher by Dorit Winter
Mystery Play in Now: An Interview with Christopher Marcus
Regenerative Grammar by Andrew Wolpert
Losing Ground by Ria Freiermuth
Finding One's Place by Stephen Briault
The Flowering of the Human Soul in Florence by Charles Lawrence
Review, Letter, Notes About the Authors

Issue 1994
Editorial Notes
The Universe as Organism by Lawrence Edwards
Chaos Theory and Projective Geometry by Nick Thomas
Our Heart: Sounding, Serving, Unifying by Philip Kerr
Learning to Enhance Sense-perception by Olive Whicher
Flow Design Research by John Wilkes
Reviews, Notes about the authors

Issue 1995
Editorial Notes
The Matter of Britain: Arthur, the Grail and Parzival by Richard Seddon
The Polarity of Parzival and Gawain in Eschenbach's Parzival by Frank Teichmann
The Emergence of the Grail Legend: Facts and Fiction by Hanah May Thomas
The Temple of the Grail by John Meeks
Eschenbach and Michelangelo by Andrew Wolpert
"Miracle of Highest Grace: Redemption for Redeemer" by Alex Naylor
The Play of the Planets in Eschenbach's Parzival by William Forward
The Quest for the Holy Grail in New York City in 1994 by Barbara Francis
Review, Notes on Contributors

Issue 1996
Editorial Notes
The Mystery of the Blood by James Dyson
The Bleeding Wound of King Amfortas by Karal Jan Tusenius
D.H. Lawrence's The Rainbow, the Lion and the Blood of Sophia by Andrew Welburn
Mithras, the Bull and the Transformation of the Blood by Chrisitopher CLouder
Of Blood and Money by Christopher Houghton Blood
Money- the Christ Blood of the Threefold Social Order by Jack Foster
Chosen Destiny by Rudi Lissau
Book Reviews by Jenny Josephson
Notes on Contributers

Issue 1997
Editorial Notes
The Karmic Core of Anthroposophy by Virginia Sease
Karma Research by Nick Thomas
Imitations in Images by Northart M. Rohlfs
Trauma Versus Karma by Hans Peter van Monen
Angels Amongst Us by Hartwig Schiller
Karma and thr Internet by Dorit Winter
Shakespeare and World Destiny by Richard Ramsbotham
Karma and the Mystery Dramas by John Gee
Notice on the Contributers

Issue 1998
Editorial Notes
A Fiftieth Birthday Salute by Owen Barfield
Karmic Experience, Karmic Research and the Power of Empathy by Baruch Urieli
Anthoposophical Medical Work and Karma Consciousness by Maurice Orange
Biography Work by Margli Matthews
Research Techniques and Life Events by Jostein Saether
Discerning Destiny by Harlan Gilbert
Reincarnation Therapy by Trui Derwig
Karma and Altered States of Consciousness by Willem Veltman
The Uses of Adversity bu Christopher Clouder
Touchstone Elizabeth Attwell
Book Review by Simon Blaxland-de Lange

Issue 1999

Editorial Notes
Being Born into a Brave New World by John Alexandra
The Biiodynamic Farm: An Embryo for the Threefold Social Order in our Time by Manfred Klett
The Meeting of Karmic Streams in the Communications Age by Simon Blaxland-de Lange
Our Communion with the Dead by William Forward
Why on Earth Are We Here? by Andrew Wolpert
The Karmic Community of Samuel Hartlib, John Davy and Johann Amos Comenius by Ken Gibson
Japan and My Destiny by Fumiko Chikami
Come Alive! by Sibylle Eichstaedt
Book Reviews: From Gondhisapur to Silicon Valley by Paul Emberson
Leonardo da Vinci by David Alan Brown

Issue 2000
Editorial Notes
Glimmers of Truth by Dorit Winter
Archetypes in Biography Henning Kohler
A Reluctant Audiobiographer for Dore Deverell
Telling Encounters by Mathias Wais
Coleridge: A Lifetime Illumined by Coralee Schmandt
A Biographical Fragment by Nick Thomas
Childhood Illness: Spiritual Births by Bon Dudney
Verifying Karma Reserach by Enge, Smit and Schage
Book Reviews: Because of Yolande by Dorit Winter, Simon Blaxland-de Lange

Issue 2001
Editorial Notes
Clairvoyance and Thinking by Corinna Gleide
The Mysteries of the Pleroma by Rudolf Steiner
Bolshevism as an Initiation Principle of Evil by Sergei Prokofieff
Computers and Intelligence by Harlan Gilbert
Death and Life in Modern Thinking by Jonael Schickler
Awakening to the History of the Anthroposophical Movement and the Society by Bodo von Plato
Renewing Seed and Human Culture by Bernard Jarman
Anthroposiphy and Psychiatry by Dr. James Dyson
Ready! Aye, Ready! by Alex Naylor
Book Reviews:
The Enclounter with Evil ( S. Prokofieff) Reviewed by Nicholas Nunhofer
Awakening the Will and Practisinf Destiny (Coenraad van Houten) Reviewed by William Forward
Letters to the Editors

Issue 2002
Editiorial Notes
The Human Being's Responsibility for the Evolution of the World by Rudlf Steiner
Rhythm, Turbulance and Stasis in Nature: The Spirit Matter Problem Revisited by Harlan Gilbert
Flow through the Heart by Philip Kilner
The Globalisation of Steiner's Impulse for a Social Renewal of Agriculture by Tadeu Calados
The Saturn Path by Nick Thomas
Star Children and Difficult Children by Georg Kühlewind
The Prospects for Social Threefolding Today by Niconar Perlas
The Ramano Salamander and Esoteric America by David Adams
Claude Lorrain: Journey to Inner Light by Vivien Law

Issue 2003
Editorial Notes
Life and Death by Rudolf Steiner
Meditiation by Karla Kiniger
Self-Discipline: A Prerequisite for the Practice of Meditation by Baruch Urieli
Prayer by Adam Bittleston
Meditation and some of its Practical Results by Ron Jarman
The Eightfold Path by Avisahy Gershony
Reflections of an Artist by John Salter
Sustaining Purpose and Progress by Steve Briault
Work is a Spiritual Path by Shirley Routedge
Meditative Practice in Counseling by Tessa Lovemore
The Inner Work of the Biodynamic Farmer Today by Richard Smith

Issue 2004

Editorial Notes
Brotherhood and the Struggle for Existance by Rudolf Steiner
Three Laws by Micahel Luxford
Clash of Civilzations, Iron Necessity, 530 Billion Imaginary Workers; Current Events through the Lens of Rudolf Steiner's Spiritual-Scientific Discoveries by Stephen Usher
The Iraq War and the Threefold Nature of Human Society by Michael Spence
The Karma of Money by Cornelius Pietzner
Ethical Finacialism: A Fast Track to Chnaging the Way the World is Financed by Christopher Houghton Budd
The Human Being between Globalisation and Genetic Engineering by Nicanor Perlas
Threefolding of Global Governance by Christoph Strawe
"Com-Panis", Economics and the Company by Lawrence Keen

Issue 2005
Editorial Notes
Goethe and the Evolution of Consciousness by Rudolf Steiner
Crisis of Cognition as a Language Crisis by Martina Maria San
Awareness of the Time as a Perception of Reality by Christopher Haid
Owen Barfiled: Harbinger of the 21st Century by Simon Blaxland-de Lange
'O, for a Muse of Fire': The Imaginative Language of YB Yeats by Sean Byrne
Emily Dickinson and the Living Word by Coralee Schmandt
Language and the Priestly Task by Roger Druitt
An Improvisation on the Theme of Educational Intuition by Martyn Rawson
Icons by Martin Schmandt
Poems and Poetics by Paul Matthews
Thinking around the Mother Tongue by Emilie Salvesen

Issue 2006
Editorial Notes
Problems of Time: Lecture 1 by Rudolf Steiner
Problems of Time: Lecture 2 by Rudolf Steiner
Special Spiritual Foundations for the Connection between England and the United States of America by Virginia Sease
Shadows of Doubt by Terry Goodfellow
True Columbia by Christopher Houghton Budd
The Future of the English Language by Adam Bittleston
Distinguish withour Dividing by Terence Davies
The Isles by Norman Davies, Reviewed by Simon Blaxland-de Lange
Poems for the Path by Sean Byrne, Reviewed by Margaret Jones
Notes on the Contributors

Issue 2007
Editorial Notes
Historical Characters and Their Place in Evolution by Rudolf Steiner
Parzival's Teachers by Andrew Wolpert
Making Sense of Steiner: Working with Study of Man in a University Environment by John Burnett
Flame Song of Sumer Sun: Five Fragments for St; John's Tide by John Salter
Counterspace Reserach by Nick Thomas
Anhroposophia and Economics by Christopher Houghton Budd
Gilgamesh, Homer and Robinson Crusoe: Changing Consciousness in World Literature by Andrew Welburn
Cactus Flower by Martin Schmandt
The Fishes Zodiac and the Present Age by John Salter
Moving within the Picture by Maggie Salter

Issue 2008
Editorial Notes
The Widening of Man's Perception by Rudolf Steiner
The Living Earth as a Spiritual Being: Our Responsibility by Margaret Colquhoun
Understanding Multiple Sclerosis through Painting and Shaded Drawing by Gerhard Roeber, Leonora Hambrecht and Andreas Zucker
Carbon and Climate Change: Why the World needs Biodynmic Farming by Bernard Jarman
Colour Research and the Re-enlivenment of Creative Thinking by Angela Patten
The Study of Colour by Walter Johannes Stein and Marie Steiner
On Sculpture Research by Gertraud Goodwin
Sexuality, Sin, Enjoyment or Enlightenment by Bart Maris

Issue 2009
Editioral Notes by Simon Blaxland-de Lange
The Polarity between Eternity and Evolution in Human Life by Rudolf Steiner
Time and Humbolt's Gift by Andrew Welburn
About Time Too: Beethoven and the Scherzo: A Symptom of the Consciousness Soul by Brien Masters
What is Time? by Howard Smith
Lead us not into Temptation... by Andrew Wolpert
Physics and Time by Nick Thomas
Time and Music by Gregers Brinch
In the Grip of Time by John B.Thompson
Space, Time and Consciousness: Money as Mirro of Human Experience by Arthur Edwards





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