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Establishing Successful and Healthy Teacher and Parent Relationships In Waldorf Schools

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Spring 2002 - Antioch Graduate School, New Hampshire
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The purpose of this study was to explore both Waldorf and non-Waldorf research on current practices used to support the parent teacher relationship and then adapt it for use within the unique organization of the Waldorf School. I explored structures that could be used in the Waldorf School to facilitate teachers and parents embracing and appreciating each other in true collaboration within a supportive learning environment. I looked at current communication practices and organizational systems used to support parents in a Waldorf and non-Waldorf School. In my analysis I noted a discrepancy between the desired expectations of parents and current practice in schools.

I have shown the need for Waldorf teachers to reflect on their attitudes toward parents as well as review the administrative and organizational practices that impact parents in our Waldorf Schools. My research indicates that the Waldorf teacher is instrumental in creating a fully enrolled, collaborative Waldorf School with committed parents. In order for this to happen Waldorf teachers, in their pivotal role, need to embrace the parents in their community. By sincerely involving our parents we will be ensuring a strong foundation for the children in our care and the healthy future of our Waldorf Schools. From my analysis of the research, field notes, school sampling and interviews I have also compiled a source book that will help support teachers in the Waldorf School toward this goal.