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The Recovery of Man in Childhood

Title:      The Recovery of Man in Childhood
Categories:      General Waldorf Education
BookID:      172
Authors:      A. C Harwood
ISBN-10(13):      0913098531
Publisher:      Myrin Institute
Publication date:      2001
Edition:      2nd
Number of pages:      205
Language:      English
Rating:      0 
Picture:      cover

A Study of the Educational Work of Rudolf Steiner
Introduction by Douglas M. Sloan

The classic work on Waldorf education, this is an excellent place to begin for an understanding of Rudolf Steiner's educational principles and practices. Written by a teacher with more than thirty years experience, this book is highly recommended for both new and experienced teachers and, especially, for parents who are contemplating their children's education and wondering what Waldorf is all about.

Topics include: growth and consciousness; the threefold relation of body and mind; the map of childhood; the first seven years; the small child at home and school; the heart of childhood; teacher and child; the first school years; from nine to twelve; the twelfth year and after; foreign languages; practical work; music and eurythmy; the temperaments; adolescence; and each high school grade.

Available from Rudolf Steiner College Bookstore, Waldorf Books

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