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The Marriage of Sense and Thought: Imaginative Participation in Science (Renewal in Science)

Title:      The Marriage of Sense and Thought: Imaginative Participation in Science (Renewal in Science)
Categories:      General Waldorf Education, Inner Life of the Teacher, About Anthroposophy
BookID:      64
Authors:      Stephen Edelglass, Georg Maier, Hans Gebert, John Davy
ISBN-10(13):      9781584201069
Publisher:      Lindisfarne Books
Publication date:      2011-09-01
Edition:      Revised
Number of pages:      160
Language:      English
Rating:      0 
Picture:      cover

Imaginative Participation in Science

Having imagined a machine-like world, scientists now haunt this machine uneasily. Their plight is paradoxical: they have realized their world only through intense mental effort, yet this effort finds no legitimate place in the world it so painstakingly comprehends. It seems “objectivity” only comes at a cost. Why, for example, is science unable to describe a smile? Why is the moral life of a physicist regarded as his or her own private affair?

This exclusion of human qualities from science has practical as well as theoretical consequences. If we systematically imagine a world in which human beings don’t exist, we will eventually create a world in which they cannot exist.

Reclaiming the human sources of scientific insight, the authors of this book restore the scientist to the world given by science and celebrate the joyous marriage of sense and thought.

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