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Colour Dynamics

Title:      Colour Dynamics
Categories:      Art Studies
BookID:      594
Authors:      Angela Lord
ISBN-10(13):      9781903458938
Publisher:      Hawthorn Press (UK)
Publication date:      2010
Number of pages:      128
Language:      English
Rating:      0 
Picture:      cover

Workbook for Water Colour Painting and Colour Theory

This workbook is based on Goethe's and Rudolf Steiner's color research. Angela Lord invites readers to develop their own color insights through materials and techniques; exploration of colors; painting rainbows; color clashes; complementary colors; after-images; painting the color circle and complementary colors; enhancing colors; a new color circle; the interplay of light and dark, and sunrise and sunset; color dynamics; and composition, an overview of color through history; watercolor painting and the Steiner Waldorf curriculum.

Also included is a section of resources, a glossary, and references. The clear, well-explained texts lead readers through a series of experiments, exercises, and techniques. Beginners will enjoy the discovery of color, while teachers and therapists will value this resource and its sparkling insights.

Hardbound, beautifully and clearly presented with hundreds of color illustrations and photos

Available from Steiner Books Rudolf Steiner College Bookstore Waldorf Books

Colour Dynamics features:
  • Color-by-color exercises for deepening insights into the nature of color
  • Exercises for developing painting skills
  • Striking experiments and painting ideas using after images, complementary colors, color circles, color enhancement, and composition for building visual impact
  • Inspiring themes such as rainbows, trees, flowers, landscapes, and the four seasons
  • Grounded in Goethe's and Rudolf Steiner’s color theories


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