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Childhood Falls Silent

Title:      Childhood Falls Silent
Categories:      Birth to PreSchool, Early Childhood, Parenting, Speech, Social Skills, Child Development, General Waldorf Education
BookID:      572
Authors:      Rainer Patzlaff
ISBN-10(13):      none
Publisher:      Steiner Waldorf Schools Fellowship (UK)
Publication date:      2007
Number of pages:      19
Language:      English
Rating:      0 
Picture:      cover
The Loss of Speech and How We Need to Foster Speaking and Communication in the Electronic Age

This booklet, translated from German, gives a strong picture of the loss of speech and language abilities in children today, explains why technically transmitted speech diminishes brain function, and encourages us to counter it with life-giving, humanly connected speech. Essential reading for anyone working or living with young children.

Available from WECAN, Waldorf Books

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