Pedagogical Theatre - eBook

Title:      Pedagogical Theatre - eBook
Categories:      eBooks, Elementary School, Seventh, Sixth, Fifth, Fourth, Second, First, Plays, Drama, General Waldorf Curriculum
BookID:      294
Authors:      Arthur M. Pittis
ISBN-10(13):      978-1-888365-02-3
Publisher:      Waldorf Publications
Publication date:      6-1-2015
Edition:      2nd
Number of pages:      173
Language:      English
Rating:      0 
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Drama and Performance Practice for The Lower And Middle School Grades.

A description of how to write plays and why a play written by a class teacher is important.

Contains several plays written by the author including: The Three Sillies (1st grade), The Ant and the Grasshopper (2nd grade), The Legend of St. Odelia (2nd grade), St. Francis and the Wolf (2nd grade), Thor,The Bride (4th grade),The Lay of Baldur's Doom (4th grade), Ariadne at Naxos (5th grade), The Holy Blissful Martyr (6th grade), The Sacred Flame (7th grade marionette play), The Way and That (a farce for adolescents), Oliver Twist (adapting the play from the novel).

Available from the publisher, Waldorf Publications

This is the updated edition.

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