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Favela Children

Title:      Favela Children
Categories:      Elementary School, About Anthroposophy, Early Childhood, About Rudolf Steiner, Multicultural, Festivals, Inner Life of the Teacher, Social Skills, Child Development, General Waldorf Curriculum, General Waldorf Education
BookID:      1024
Authors:      Ute Craemer
ISBN-10(13):      978-1-948302-42-5
Publisher:      Anthroposophical Publications
Publication date:      2022
Number of pages:      286
Language:      English
Rating:      0 
Picture:      cover

Ute Craemer is an educator and social worker who has dedicated over fifty years of her lifer to teaching and nurturing the poor children of the favelas (slums) in Brazil. As an experienced Waldorf teacher, she has been able to understand the needs of the children and their families and provide them with the spiritual nourishment they cry out for. Favela Children is a moving and informative account of Ute's Craemer's social work in the favelas and of her personal development. Everyone interested in education and social development will want to read this book. It was originally published in German and went through several editions. It is published here for the first time in English.

Born in 1938 in Germany, Ute Craemer pioneered Associação Comunitária Monte Azul, Alliance for Childhood in Brazil, and co-founded the World Social Initiative Forum. She has worked for many years in the favelas of Brazil. In this book, Ute movingly describes her social work amongst the poorest of the poor in the favelas of Brazil, using “Waldorf””educational methods and the anthroposophical world view.

Translated, and with an introduction, by Frank Thomas Smith.

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